The Scotland Collection


We are so excited to share OPI’s Fall collection with you! This collection is inspired by the rugged, beautiful country of Scotland. The collection ranges from deep purples and blues to bright reds and light pinks, with something special for any occasion and everyone’s taste.

Bold, deep colors are inspired by tartan kilts, with a bright red inspired by the many “Red Heads Ahead” you’ll find in Scotland. Of course, the collection would not be complete without a bagpipe-inspired color, “Nice Set of Pipes”.

Nail art featuring Red Heads Ahead & Rub A Pub Pub

Naturally, this beautifully inspired collection draws influence from Scotland’s historic cities. The dusty pink of Glasgow’s sunsets and mossy green of Aberdeen’s seaside castles bring Scotland’s heritage to you wherever you are. 

You’ve Got that Glas-Glow

The mystical, mysterious creatures Scotland is known for also play a role in the new collection, which features the Loch Ness Monster and majestic unicorns.

Things I’ve seen in Aber-green

Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-K, OPI Grabs the Unicorn by the Horns, and Nice Set of Pipes

Visit September Nail Salon soon to experience OPI's Scotland Collection for yourself!

september SAYS if you haven't tried one of these amazing colors, what are you waiting on? 

If you have tried one, which one is next?