Amelia Jewerly Designs


Meet Amelia! Amelia is an up and coming jewelry designer with an eye for fun, eclectic designs. Amelia is 9 years old and entered 5th grade this fall. 


It all began when Amelia’s grandmother surprised her with a jewelry making kit for Christmas. This exciting gift sparked a new side of Amelia’s creativity. Her family quickly recognized that she was a natural, and they have encouraged her to develop this talent. 

With the help of her mother, who is a photographer, Amelia began to sell her jewelry, which has been met with great demand. 

We connected with Amelia to find out more about her and her business, Amelia Jewelry Designs. We hope you enjoy as much as we did (responses are in her own words): 

Amelia, in looking at the diversity of your designs, you are obviously amazingly creative. What inspires you to design?

I have always been a creative person and I enjoy creating in a lot of different ways: making music, crafting, baking, writing, etc. Making earrings is a fun new way to explore my creativity. I love coming up with new ideas and designs!


We know that you love to bake. What's your favorite thing to bake, and when to do we get to try some?

I like to bake a lot of things, but my favorite thing to make is cakes and cupcakes. My little sister recently turned four and I made a unicorn rainbow cake using marshmallows as the horn! 


What's your favorite book?

I love to read, and I read SOOO much, that it's hard to pick a favorite book! A few series that I like are: The Mysterious Benedict Society, The Wingfeather Saga, and the Candymakers. I also love Harry Potter.

What's your favorite subject at school?

I love school in general, but I especially like math. I had such a great teacher last year, and she made it fun to learn. 

What do you want to do as a career later?

I have lots of interests so it's hard to narrow it down! I might want to be an interior designer, or maybe an engineer or scientist, or I might like to own my own business. Or maybe all of the above! 

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